Why Should I Keep My Domain and Website Hosting Separate?

Web Development Brisbane explains why it’s best practice to keep your website’s domain and hosting separate. 


If you are in the process of acquiring a new website for your business, you will inevitably have to decide whether to keep your domain and website hosting services under the same provider. As professional providers of web hosting in Brisbane, we outline why we highly recommend that you keep your domain and website hosting separate. 



What’s the Difference Between a Website’s Domain and its Hosting?

As we outlined in our previous blog, website hosting involves providing service space and resources for storing and serving website content. On the other hand, your website’s domain refers to the unique web address that allows users to access your website (for example, ours is www.webdevelopmentbrisbane.au).



The Benefits of Keeping Your Domain and Web Hosting Separate

Better Control and Flexibility

Keeping these two services separate offers you more flexibility, should you choose to change hosting providers. That is, it gives you the ability to change providers without affecting your domain, allowing you to adapt your hosting needs more easily. At Web Development Brisbane, we provide flexible and scalable web hosting in Brisbane that can grow and change easily alongside your business.

Reduced Risk of Downtime

By separating these services, you reduce the risk of your website experiencing downtime. If these services are not separate and your provider experiences technical issues, your entire web presence can be disrupted. With separate providers, if your hosting experiences problems, your domain’s functionality will remain intact, and vice versa.

Improved Security

With Australia seeing the average cost of cybercrime increase by 14% as compared to last year, ensuring that your website is secure is more important than ever. Similarly to the reduction in downtime, managing these services separately means that you have a better chance of limiting security breaches, should one occur to either your domain or website hosting. As threats must target both systems separately, it ultimate makes your website harder to breach. 

Geographic Redundancy

Many businesses rely on their websites having international reach – and keeping your domain separate from your hosting is paramount for this. This method allows you to host your website on servers located in various geographic regions or data centres, distributing your content across multiple locations for faster loading times and better resilience against localised traffic surges. This also allows your website more flexibility for scaling your resources across different regions. 


As professional providers of web hosting in Brisbane, we always recommend that our clients keep their domain and web hosting separately to ensure that their website is reaching their customers as effectively as possible. If you need effective and reliable web hosting for your business’s website, reach out to Web Development Brisbane today.


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