How to Establish Brand Identity Through Your Website

Part Two of Web Development Brisbane’s in-depth four-part series on Web Development, covering the concept of Brand Identity.


This blog is part two of a four-part series exploring the most important aspects of Web Development. The first part of this series covered whether your website needs a refresh or a redesign. In part two, we discuss how to establish a robust brand identity within your website.

Do your customers know how to recognise your brand among the sea of competitors? A strong, unique brand image is an essential part of building relationships with customers. If they feel that you both share the same values or they can relate to a person showcased on your website, they will be attracted to your brand and will feel comfortable choosing your products over those of a competitor. As professional web developers in Brisbane, we outline what brand identity is, and why it is an important aspect of creating a successful website.


What is Brand Identity? 

Brand identity represents the visual and verbal elements that are used to represent a brand and differentiate its offering from competitors.

Often confused with brand image (which encompasses the perception of your brand), brand identity is a collection of elements created and portrayed by your company to appeal to customers.

This identity is comprised of everything at the forefront of your business. From your logo to your brand story, a strong brand identity makes your brand recognisable. That is, the easier it is for a customer to recognise your brand, the easier it will be to continue engaging with that customer.


How Brand Identity is Incorporated into Website Design 

Once your brand identity has been established, it should be integrated into all channels of communication and marketing, including your website – one of the most important representative aspects of your brand identity.

To incorporate unique brand identity into the website development process, web designers use a style guide comprising your chosen colour palette, typography/font, voice/language, and graphical choices to guide development. This is to maintain consistency throughout your brand identity as a whole, and aid in the user experience of your website.


Your logo should be easy to recognise and jump out from the page. It needs to be clear and stand out from the surrounding elements. It is important for your ideal client to be able to quickly recognise the brand identity of the page they land on, and your logo plays a part in this.

Font and Typography 

By selecting a readable and web-friendly font, your brand identity will be more easily communicated. Your font selection should also communicate the tone and personality of your brand. If you need advice selecting an appropriate font for your website, contact Web Development Brisbane – your local web developers in Brisbane.

Colour Palette 

Did you know that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%? Mentioning red and white as a colour palette will most likely bring to mind Coca-Cola. This is an excellent example of how a carefully chosen colour palette can effectively instil brand identity to potential customers.

Adhering to an aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing colour palette on all website pages will help customers to recognise your brand in the future.

Graphical Elements 

Examples of graphic elements include buttons, moving graphics, or images. These should stay consistent in style throughout your website. For example, all buttons linking to your purchase page should have the same design, so that the users have the same experience when navigating from different areas of the website.


The Role of Branding in User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface (UI) design refers to the process of creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for websites. This includes where logos are placed, if buttons change colour when hovered over, scroll or page transitions, pop-ups, and more. Clear communication between your brand identity and your web development means that your UI design will be consistent with your established brand. This is why engaging with a web development team like Web Development Brisbane can provide a seamless project experience.

If you want a clear and effective brand identity across your website, contact Web Development Brisbane; your expert Web Developers in Brisbane.

This concludes Part Two of our Four Part series on Web Development. Stay tuned for Part Three where we will be discussing user experience (UX) and why it matters for your website.

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