10 Things Your Website Needs to Deliver Results

Web Development Brisbane shares 10 things your website needs to compete effectively in your industry and provide a great user experience.

Through our experience as a Brisbane-based Web Development company, we have learned what elements are indispensable for a successful website. While there are many factors that go into creating a great website, we have found 10 that will always ensure your website is set up to deliver the desired results.

1. An easy-to-use Content Management System

Using a content management system (CMS) is a simple way to design incredible websites. However, if your CMS is too difficult to use, you won’t want to update or edit your website. Try to look for a CMS that is renowned for its ease of use and flexibility – we recommend WordPress.

2. Clear, Modern Design

If your web design is outdated and cluttered, most visitors will assume your service is of equally low quality. If you need help creating a modern website that draws visitation, contact our Brisbane-based office here.

3. Smart Phone Optimisation

As of 2023, 58% of all web traffic comes from smartphones. Because of this, it’s important that your website works across all devices. If your web design is not optimised for smart phones, you could potentially loose over 50% of your customer base.

4. Strong Brand Identity

If the colours, font, or graphics you choose for your website clash with your brand’s message, you will confuse and lose visitors. Conversely, having a strong web design that compliments your vision will make people want to stay for longer.

5. Simple Navigation

Navigation might be the most important aspect to focus on perfecting for your website. If your web design makes navigation unintuitive, people will give up on trying to find information on your site.

6. Quality Content

Every page on your website needs to be keyword-rich, well-edited, and competently written. Not only will a poorly written webpage discourage visitors, but they are also less likely to rank well on search engines.

7. A Blog

On the topic of search engines – publishing regular, keyword-rich blog posts will guarantee that your website will rank higher on search results. Optimally, blog posts should cover topics that your target audience is interested in and likely to search for. This is so people will engage with your content, and make your blogs more relevant to search engine algorithms.

8. Social-Sharing Buttons

When you are publishing blogs, you should include a way for people to easily share them on social media. Including a social media sharing button is an industry standard and is an incredibly simple way to increase visitation.

9. Obvious Calls-to-Action

Your website needs to encourage people to take action – such as to continue to engage with your content or contact you for more information. This is why, at the bottom of every page, you should have clear instructions on how and where to contact you. This “call-to-action” section should be relevant to the page that it’s published on to ensure engagement.

10. Contact Information

Last but not least, you need to have a page dedicated to your contact information. Without giving people a way to easily contact you, your website serves little purpose.

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